Upcoming Comedy Clubs

  • Gag House Comedy Superstars

    Friday 28th June, Guildford

    Gag House Comedy Superstars is back at G Live to open Guildford Fringe Festival with a lineup full of headliners!! Gag House Comedy […]

  • Tom Toal in Mediocre Boy

    Sunday 30th June, Guildford

    One of the brains behind the After All This Time Always Podcast with his brand new show in which Tom Toal asks some […]

  • Simon Brodkin: Let Me Introduce Myself

    Monday 1st July, Guildford

    You may know him as “comedy legend”1 Lee Nelson or as the “unfunny pillock”2 who gave Theresa May a P45, but you won’t […]

  • Wendy Wason: Actual Human Female

    Monday 1st July, Guildford

    Wendy Wason is an actual human female. With a husband and three children she deals with all this entails on a daily basis. […]

  • Javier Jarquin: Boring A.F

    Wednesday 3rd July, Guildford

    Javier is boring. Dull, uninteresting and sparks zero joy – and he’s absolutely fine with that. A (yawn) comedy show about the brilliance […]

  • Modern Aged Middle Life – Live Podcast

    Wednesday 3rd July, Guildford

    Emily Baum and Graham Jarvis are comedy writers befuddled by modern life whilst facing middle age. They now bring their successful podcast on […]

  • Andrew White: Retirement Tour

    Thursday 4th July, Guildford

    At 19 years old, is this Andrew White’s last hurrah? Maybe a practical university degree is the best option. Should he keep slogging […]

  • Maisie Adam: Hang Fire

    Thursday 4th July, Guildford

    Following her Best Newcomer nominated debut, the winner of Amused Moose National New Comic 2018 and So You Think You’re Funny?2017 returns with […]

  • Mark Dolan: You’re Welcome!

    Friday 5th July, Guildford

    TV‘s Mark Dolan is back with a brand new stand-up show for 2019, dealing with topics including fatherhood, marriage and the fact that […]

  • Laugh Island

    Saturday 6th July, Guildford

    Six sexy, sizzling and single improvisers head to Guildford Fringe for laughs and love in this year’s hottest show – Laugh Island. Through […]

  • Jim Campbell: Beef

    Sunday 7th July, Guildford

    Award-nominated stand up Jim Campbell descends from a Scottish clan so infamous they inspired Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding. They were not the […]

  • Nick Hall: Resume

    Sunday 7th July, Guildford

    Now facing his 40s, Nick has reached a bit of a crossroads in life. But is it time to re-brand or just carry […]

  • Comedians With Books

    Monday 8th July, Guildford

    Back with a vengeance with a new line-up for their second show… Love comedy? Love books? Quite like either/both? Then join the finest, […]

  • Daniel Audritt: Trying to be Good

    Tuesday 9th July, Guildford

    Award-winning comedian, writer & co-creator of Comedy Central’s Modern Horror Stories, Daniel Audritt asks ‘what really makes us good?’ Having previously had jokes […]

  • Danny Buckler: Three Tricks

    Wednesday 10th July, Guildford

    Danny Buckler returns to Guildford Fringe with a unique show only he can deliver – a hilarious journey through the subconscious of a […]

  • Sara Barron: Enemies Closer

    Wednesday 10th July, Guildford

    2018 Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer nominee, Sara returns to the Fringe following her 5* debut hour and two sell-out runs at London’s […]

  • Jon Long: Planet-Killing Machine

    Wednesday 10th July, Guildford

    Is it too late? Can we be saved? Do we seriously have to give up straws? Tonnes of big questions, and barely any […]

  • Buffering

    Wednesday 10th July, Guildford

    Buffering, when you’re waiting for life to load. Jenny & Pauline are stuck between young kids and elderly relatives. Buffering is their darkly […]

  • Ben Van der Velde: Fablemaker

    Thursday 11th July, Guildford

    Join Ben on an improvised comedy adventure as he creates wild stories, fairy tales, thrillers and romances all out of thin air. Featuring […]

  • Cally Beaton: Invisible

    Thursday 11th July, Guildford

    Invisible is the new show from Cally Beaton (as seen on QI) – an unflinching, hilarious and unexpected insight into life at an […]

  • Matt Stellingwerf: Sisyphus

    Friday 12th July, Guildford

    As punishment for his self-aggrandising craftiness and deceitfulness, Sisyphus was forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to […]

  • Benet Brandreth: A Hero For Our Times

    Friday 12th July, Guildford

    Slightly surreal and hugely funny. It’s a story about how to cope with the absurdity of today’s world, find love at 43, put […]

  • Konstantin Kisin: Orwell That Ends Well

    Friday 12th July, Guildford

    Konstantin Kisin, who made international headlines by refusing to sign a ‘safe space’ contract for a university gig, offers a fiercely intelligent, uncompromising […]

  • The Improlectuals

    Saturday 13th July, Guildford

    The Improlectuals are an improv super-group made up of some of the finest improvisers from around the Midlands. They create completely new comedy […]

  • Jonny and the Baptists

    Saturday 13th July, Guildford

    Musical-activist-comedians, Jonny & The Baptists, return to Guildford Fringe. In the past they’ve made funny shows about serious things, like the wealth gap, […]

  • Katie Pritchard: Hysterical Histories

    Saturday 13th July, Guildford

    Join self-appointed freelance historical tour guide, Katie Pritchard, on this high-octane tour of her favourite people in history. Katie will bring history to […]

  • Thunderclap: Improvised Comedy

    Saturday 13th July, Guildford

    Nick Hall and Max Dickins present Thunderclap – a two person, multi-character story – all of it made up on the spot! Taking […]

  • Paul F Taylor: Odd Paul

    Wednesday 17th July, Guildford

    Heralded by his peers, critically lauded, feared by many, loved by all; everyone’s favourite Odd Paul returns with an hour of imaginative, logic […]

  • Harun Musho’d: Dark side of Harun

    Wednesday 17th July, Guildford

    Harun Musho’d’s second solo stand-up comedy show compares life and events in the 70s and today. Includes terrorism, conspiracy theories, referendums, US presidents […]

  • Jody Kamali is Mike Daly: Darts and all

    Wednesday 17th July, Guildford

    A former Bristolian Darts Champion frustrated by his fall from grace is back to tell all. Set at a dysfunctional Q & A […]

  • Robyn Perkins: Mating Selection

    Thursday 18th July, Guildford

    On August 14, 2018, Robyn Perkins participated in a dating show in front of a live audience. Her experience led her to question […]

  • Ian Lane: Paperweight

    Thursday 18th July, Guildford

    Paperweight. Spatula. Cushioned tea tray. Chicken lattice. Which weapon would you protect your house with? Ian Lane teaches you how to defend your […]

  • The Bright Club

    Friday 19th July

    The one and only Bright Club is back again to perform at Guildford Fringe Festival. Are you ready for a night like no […]

  • Arthur Smith: laughs, stories, a song and a poem

    Friday 19th July, Guildford

    Join comedian, writer, broadcaster and all-round British institution Arthur Smith in an evening of laughter and off the wall humour. Expect an evening […]

  • Sleeping Trees: Silly Funny Boys

    Friday 19th July, Guildford

    Sleeping Trees are silly funny boys. They don’t know what this show is about yet, but it will be sillier, funnier and contain […]

  • Kelly Convey: Telephone Voice

    Friday 19th July

    Kelly Convey, ‘Chatham-girl-done-good’, brings you her debut hour which travels back in time to her errant teenage years, through her high flying twenties […]

  • Juliette Burton: Defined

    Saturday 20th July, Guildford

    Award-winning comedian Juliette has many contradictions: Optimist or pessimist? Introvert or extrovert? Success or failure? Masculine or feminine? Left or right? Happy or […]

  • Lorna Shaw: Lorn and Order

    Saturday 20th July

    Critically acclaimed comedian Lorna Shaw (Plebs, Newsjack) lays down the law in this brand new hour of stand-up and storytelling. While the world […]

  • Richard Stott: Right Hand Man

    Tuesday 23rd July, Guildford

    Richard was born lopsided. Poland Syndrome, a rare birth defect, caused his left hand, arm and chest to be underdeveloped so he’s decided […]

  • Georgie Morrell: Eyecon

    Tuesday 23rd July, Guildford

    Join award-nominated comedian and one-eyed legend Georgie Morrell as she explores disability and celebrity. Ever wanted to be an icon and have everyone […]

  • Richard Pulsford: Roll Up for the Smirking Break

    Wednesday 24th July, Guildford

    Stand-up from the ‘master of wordplay’, Leicester Comedy Festival’s ‘UK Pun Championships’ runner up 2016. “Richard’s joke rate is phenomenal” Buxton Fringe 2018 […]

  • Drag Queen Stole My Dress

    Thursday 25th July, Guildford

    This is the story of knowing who you are, forgetting who you are, wondering who the hell you are, and yes, that one […]

  • Glenn Moore: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    Thursday 25th July, Guildford

    Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Glenn Moore (Mock The Week, Stand Up Central and The Stand Up Sketch Show) provides another hour of “brilliantly […]

  • Nigel Ng: Work in Progress

    Friday 26th July, Guildford

    Nigel Ng (as seen on Comedy Central’s Standup Central and Roast Battle) brings you on a joyous romp through his life in the […]

  • Susan Murray: Blunt Force Trauma

    Friday 26th July, Guildford

    Blunt Force Trauma is the brand new show by insatiable comedian Susan Murray who has been described as a cross between Frankie Boyle […]

  • Andrew Ryan: Is Everything Alright At Home?

    Friday 26th July

    Irishman Andrew Ryan rails against himself and everything around him. Trying to understand why he thinks one way and does the opposite. This […]

  • Aaron Simmonds: Disabled Coconut

    Saturday 27th July

    Join the 2017 BBC New Comedy Award finalist and wheelchair enthusiast, Aaron Simmonds, as he tells you about how his first paid gig […]

  • Gag House Comedy Superstars – High Wycombe

    Thursday 29th August, High Wycombe

    Gag House Comedy Superstars is making its debut in High Wycombe! A night of live comedy with acts that will be familiar to […]

  • Gag House Comedy Superstars – Swindon

    Friday 30th August, Swindon

    Gag House Comedy Superstars is making its debut in Swindon! Gag House Comedy are over the moon to be presenting this night of […]

  • Godalming Gag House

    Friday 6th September, Godalming

    A professional comedy club in the heart of Godalming in the historic Borough Hall. Lineup includes: Ben Norris, Cally Beaton, Joe Sutherland and […]

  • Gag House Comedy Superstars

    Saturday 7th September, Hastings

    Gag House Comedy Superstars is back in Hastings! Lineup includes: Nish Kumar, Tom Lucy, Tanyalee Davis and Garrett Millerick Gag House Comedy are over the […]

  • Guildford Gag House

    Saturday 21st September, Guildford

    Professional live comedy in Guildford every month. Lineup includes: Lloyd Griffith, Danny Buckler, Ben Pope and Ali Woods No disabled access to venue. […]

  • Godalming Gag House

    Friday 4th October, Godalming

    A professional comedy club in the heart of Godalming in the historic Borough Hall. Lineup includes: Jarlath Regan, Phil Jerrod, Erich McElroy and […]

  • Pine Ridge Gag House Comedy Club

    Saturday 19th October, Camberley

    Professional live comedy club at Pine Ridge Golf Club. Lineup includes: Paul Mccaffrey, Phil Chapman, Cally Beaton and William Stone There is disabled access […]

  • Guildford Gag House

    Saturday 19th October, Guildford

    Professional live comedy in Guildford every month. Lineup includes: Dave Fulton, Karen Bayley, Jack Barry and Jack Hester No disabled access to venue. […]

  • Godalming Gag House

    Friday 1st November, Godalming

    A professional comedy club in the heart of Godalming in the historic Borough Hall. Lineup includes: Tom Deacon, Matt Stellingwerf, Juliet Myers and […]

  • Guildford Gag House

    Saturday 16th November, Guildford

    Professional live comedy in Guildford every month. Lineup includes: Steve Bugeja, Joseph Wilson, Paul F Taylor and Andy Storey No disabled access to venue. […]

  • Godalming Gag House

    Friday 6th December, Godalming

    A professional comedy club in the heart of Godalming in the historic Borough Hall. Lineup includes: Stuart Goldsmith, Mark Palmer, Maisie Adam and Ben Pope […]

  • Guildford Gag House

    Friday 13th December, Guildford

    Professional live comedy in Guildford every month. Lineup includes: Jonny Awsum, Abi Roberts, Catherine Bohart and Dave Green No disabled access to venue. […]

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