When we put together our comedy clubs, we genuinely believe that the venue is just as important as the line up that we have for any given show. Our venues are hand picked by our team who look at everything, from how the seating will be arranged to the acoustics, from the excellent service we expect for our customers to the ambience that the room can create……oh, and of course how extensive the drinks menu is and how much booze you can get for your buck!

We have Comedy Clubs in a number of areas and we’ll continue to grow our footprint to bring more laughs to more people.

We’ll look forward to seeing you soon at one of our excellent venues for laughing, drinking and general merriment!


We are always on the hunt for new venues so if you spot a venue that doesn’t have a club but you think it should have one then please let us know. We are looking for venues any where in the UK so if you are in need of a good laugh but your town doesn’t offer you a professional comedy club, let us know!

What do we need?   A venue that wants a comedy club. Thats about it! We can do the rest.