Whether you meet someone online or in person, most of the time it turns to texting or some other form of online messaging before you actually take the plunge to the first date. Now technology makes it easy to really mull over your replies. You can sound cool, calm and collected because you’re not there in the moment, face to face where you have less time to think about it. But what happens when the time comes for your first proper, in-person date? It has to happen at some point…

The struggle lies in what to wear and what you will talk about. But first things first – what will you actually do on the date? This could make or break it from the start because you want something you can both enjoy, but that also lets you get to know each other better. Well, we have the perfect solution. A Surrey comedy club offers the most brilliant setting for people who need to break the ice, get over the first date nerves and just let their hair down. Everyone loves to laugh, so why not sit back and relax for some quality entertainment. It’s bound to give you something to talk about!

Surrey Comedy Club


It can be hard to keep up the interesting and engaging conversations on a date. Especially when you’ve only just met or don’t know much about each other. Chances are, you’re going to be just as nervous as each other, so there probably won’t be one person to carry the conversation in moments of silence. This can lead to some inevitable awkward moments that you want to try and avoid. It doesn’t create the best first impression and can leave you feeling unsettled for the whole night.

Getting down to a Surrey comedy club will break the ice for you, without you having to think about it. You just need to grab a drink, introduce yourself and enjoy the show. Humour is a great way to break the tension and release those awkward moments. If you can share a laugh and have a similar sense of humour – you’re well on your way to a fantastic first impression. You’ll notice yourself relax and enjoy the night a lot more when you don’t have to worry so much.

Bonding experience

A key part of a first date is getting to know the person. What they like, don’t like and what kind of a person they are. Body language is an important way of recognising small things about them because it can often tell you how they’re really feeling. The more relaxed a person is, the easier it will be for them to display their true self. You can then watch the way they react and behave to figure out what they’re like. Especially in a first date situation – people can be closed off. It may take some time for them (or you) to open up fully.

That’s where a Surrey comedy club does its job very well. Laughing together will help you bond and develop a fun, open relationship. It gives you plenty of opportunities to find out what makes them tick and what they enjoy. But also, having something fun to remember and associate with this person will make your experience much more enjoyable. No matter which way you decide to take it! You can relax and let the comedians create conversation and memories for you to take away.


This is a good thing. We know how mundane and rehearsed a lot of first dates can be. Often, you find yourself asking interview-style questions and giving each other a bit of the third degree. While this is somewhat necessary to find out more information, it doesn’t have to be done in this manner. You will end up answering these questions the more time you spend together. It’s important to remember that not every base has to be covered on a first date. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) 

A unique comedy show is unpredictable in the sense that you don’t always know what type of comedians you will come across. They’re all different and all offer something new to the performance. You may also come across some heckling that takes the show in a completely different direction. It certainly gives you things to discuss and also gives you an opportunity to enjoy something new together. Not everyone has the same humour. But at a Surrey comedy club, there is something for everyone – so you’ll soon clock on to what makes them laugh.

Post-show convos

If you plan on continuing the date after the show, you should be feeling a bit more confident around them and relaxed now. But there could still be the issue of running out of things to talk about. It’s easily done and we don’t want to revert back to the interview mentioned earlier. That’s why planning a really exciting and engaging date can benefit you later on in the day! You are watching some comedians who occasionally may reference some political or personal topics. But they do so in a lighthearted way.

This opens up certain topics of conversation nicely and you can discuss what was said over a drink or dinner after the show. You’re not bringing anything up out of the blue for a reaction, but you’re reflecting on the experience you both shared. You might have noticed a moment where you both laughed your heads off – so you could remind them of this to lighten the mood again and get the conversation flowing. Never run out of things to talk about – just think back to the comedians. Or tell them some of your favourite jokes!

Surrey Comedy Club

It’s original

Boring dates are often set to fail from the start. There are so many things to do nowadays that there’s really no excuse for the same old thing time and time again. You have to remember that this isn’t a day out with your parents. This is you trying to make the best first impressions and enjoy yourself with someone new. The more exciting and unique the experience is, the more you will have to talk about and the easier it will be to have fun! Any Surrey comedy club is sure to be a fantastic and original date idea.

A lot of people still opt for the old dinner and a movie idea. But the flaws there are that you can’t speak to each other at all during a movie, and then afterwards it is quite a formal setting for getting to know each other. You also run into the problem of not enjoying the movie. That can really kill the mood for the night. But a comedy show is all about the laughs. Whether it is the headline act killing it with their new set, or the newbies having a  hard time adjusting to the stage – there’s always something to laugh about. When it is good, it’s really good and when it’s bad – it’s still good!


Like we mentioned before, fancy dinners are great in theory, but with a chilled, relaxed and warm vibe, comedy clubs offer a much nicer atmosphere for a first date. You get away from the stark and formal feel of a restaurant where you’re constantly being interrupted by waiters and managing the awkward silences. There’s no taking it in turns to eat while the other person fills the silence with another boring anecdote about what they do for a living. Instead, you’re surrounded by funny, like-minded people that are just there for a good time.

It is much easier to relax when you know people around you aren’t listening to your conversations or trying to figure out how the date is going. The environment sets the mood for the night, often with dim candle-lit tables and good booze (if that’s your thing.) So you can easily gauge what direction to take the date after the show. While it isn’t a constant conversation, it will give you moments to share a laugh and the odd comment. But this takes the pressure off of keeping the chat going.

Come to our Surrey comedy club

It’s time to step out of our comfort zones and get some unique ideas on the table when it comes to dating. If dinner and a movie is your kind of thing then by all means do what makes you most comfortable. But if you’re looking for a new, unique and fun first date, then comedy shows are ideal. They set the mood and give you a chance to relax. Not only are they a great conversation starter, but they offer a unique opportunity to get to know your date and what they’re like. 

If you’re looking for a way to lighten the mood and work around awkward silences, come to Gag House Comedy. We have some of the best talent touring the UK and hand-pick our venues to make sure you have the best experience possible. We have all the professionals to entertain you and give you a night to remember. Check out our website here to see what events are coming up or ring us on 01483 361101 to book tickets and get a date in the diary!